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The visual echoes the haptic appeal. The finest design portrays the thoughtfulness and exclusivity, which signify the merger of functionality and status. Embody the fundamental of the working space that truly enhance the spirit of cohesiveness within the office space. SAIBI, possess the power to inspire.

The workplace is where we affiliate, to create, innovate and collaborate. Businesses are striving to meet the challenges of global demands. SAIBI acts as a one stop point, for exchanging of information to holding impromptu discussion seamlessly.

Responsiveness and receptiveness play an important role for the management. With the openness and transparency, it improves communication and cohesiveness between the superior and subordinate. The key to a success corporate is business rest on how the organizations need a system that can cope with ever-changing work place behaviours and constant evolving work styles. SAIBI is designed with a long-term outlook; it enables you to make the most of the work place that can be integrated into any form of possibilities.


Seamless Wire Management

Optional wire tray can be install on the table top, complete with under table wire tray for seamless wire management from the ground to the table top, supporting the way you work.

Add on Accessories

Optional and add on accessories to increase the productivity of the users.
*For individual product details and dimensions, please contact our sales department