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SAIBI’s management desk is based on the finest Japanese craftsmanship and quality. With its refine design structure and aesthetic, SAIBI is for the premium use for all executive with a taste of success. SAIBI is prestige for individual, it is designed for achieving and improve the user’s intrinsic. Comes with the finest details from the table finishes, wire management capabilities, premium legs and supported by multi-storages to complete the look of the prestige executive room.

Comfortable work environment.

A spacious and comfortable tabletop and foot space, intuitive and smooth usability. Functionality with attention to details in the finest design details. This allows for a comfortable combination of concentration and communication.


Attention to Details

The aluminum legs provide the latest exclusive look and better support. Designed and builted based on the finest details and quality materials.

Comfortable and Prestige

Using the high grade quality materials. The finishing and feel of the table top gives the user a sense of satisfaction and comfort.