/ MOBI-bo



Whiteboard is the fundamental for all office environment. It is the essential tools for communication and collaboration to get the ideas through. MOBI-bo is a new smart design whiteboard that is flexible that fully support ABW style of work. The whiteboard comes with varies sizes and allow you to use it from standing to sitting position till to the slid-able whiteboard.

MOBI-bo also comes with the castors for easy manoeuvre and transport within the office. With castors made of high quality materials to ensure the durability and sustainable of the wheels and at the same time provides the stability.

The whiteboard comes with an attached markers holder that holds the markers pen with ease. The whiteboard is an ideal for your office environments.


Smart Design

Clever and smart design as the whiteboard can slide up or down which support the way we use the whiteboard from standing to sitting down. With castors, the whiteboard can easily move around the office.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories and magnetic markers tray are available.