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iNON lockers is designed and made in Japan.

iNON locker a self organising lockers that aim to let the user to organise and place their personal items in a mannerly and neat way. A locker is designed to work for you, comes with compartmental tools for easy management of your items as well as wire management capabilities to charge your electronic tools even while you don’t use them. iNON is also generous in storage space and quality in mechanism and is developed for durability and sustainability.

Comes with optional of locking mechanism that secure your items properly. The lockers can be use for personal use, business use or act as a pigeon holes. With its use of quality hinges and mechanism, the locker is able to withstand heavy loads.

Comes in different sizes and even to customise based on number of users, iNON address the storage solutions for your office needs. You can be assure that your documents and personal belongings are properly secure and kept safe at all time.


Storage Management

The internal of the locker comes with different compartment. Is designed in the way that assist the user to store and place their items in a proper manner. Items can even place and store at the back of the door, therefore maximise the whole storage area.

Better ways to secure your items

Additional security options that protect your items. From the traditional cylinder lock, iNON offers the choices of numeric lock and even card access locking mechanism.