/ Anika




The modern and novel design add an accent to spaces to create a spectacular impression. The sharp square design and the fusion of contrasting aluminium and fabric textures create a neo-futuristic feel.

In addition to the modern design, ANIKA offers a superb seating experience with an excellent hip support.

Look does matters. ANIKA is designed not only for the good look, but it aims to provide the maximum comfort when to sit on it. The angle of the seat rest is parallel with the backrest, thus it provides the support and comfort at the hip region. With the use of premium foam, the seat cushion is firm and yet soft to support our body weight.


Premium Design

Finest detail and workmanship makes the ANIKA sofa a cut above the rest. With its precision angle and cuts, the seat cushions provide a firm seat base and support.

Optional Divider

Optional divider is available to create division and space for multi-user.